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Shuffleboard Winners
Pine to Palm, Jan. 9-11, 2018
Remi Donais, Case Verdoold, 1st in Main Amateur
Denny Overstreet, Karl Neilsen, 1st in Consolation Amateur
Dee Allen, Cherrie Grauberger, 1st in Consolation Expert
Donna Christoffer, Judy Hoffmeister, 3rd in Main Amateur
Eileen Puls, 3rd Consolation Expert
Ken Clausen, Murray Baxter, 3rd in Main Amateur
Trails End Mixed Doubles - Jan 16-19, 2018


Murray and Kathy Baxter, 1st in Main, Amateur;

Remi and Gwen Donais, 2nd in Main Amateur;

Don and Judy Hoffmeister, 4th in Main Amateur;

Russ and Aline Preston, 2nd in Consolation, Amateur;

Cherrie and Jim Grauberger, 4th in Consolation, Expert
Magic Valley Doubles - Jan. 23-25, 2018

Gwen Donais and Marilyn Clausen
, 1st in Consolation, Amateur

Don Loring and Don Hoffmeister, 2nd in Consolation, Amateur

Denny Overstreet and Karl Nielson, 4th in Consolation, Amatue
Ranchero Village Mixed Doubles - Feb 13-16, 2018

Dee Allen
, 2nd in Consulation, Expert

Eric and Marion Loucks, 3rd in Consolation, Amateur.