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Meet Our New Managers - Eloy & Diana Galvan
Our Assistant Managers - Danny & Cyndi Shaw
Welcome To Ranchero Village Circle Club
1900 So. Bridge Ave.  Weslaco, TX 78596
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From Management
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Just a few quick notes from the Ranchero Village office:

You may have noticed a lot of citrus on the ground. If the tree is on your lot it is your responsibility to pick it up. Please do so in a timely fashion, as it not only looks bad but attracts possums and other rodents that we do not want, and if it rots, it attracts bugs that carry a disease that can affect other citrus trees. We want to keep the trees as healthy as we can so you can enjoy the fruit.

If you have a vehicle or trailer in the bull pen, please attach a card with your name, phone number and lot number so we can contact you in case of emergency.

If you have a 5th wheel or motor home and park it on the street, before using your levelers, please place a board underneath, as they are causing damage to the street.

The park does NOT do any recycling. If you would like to recycle, please take your items to the bins off Texas Ave just North of Bus. 83. Do not leave items next to the trash dumpsters as this is unsightly, and unfair to whoever must then dispose of your trash.
Welcome to Eloy & Diana! We are glad to have you in our park. We all look forward to meeting you as we arrive for the winter. More information on them coming soon.