Welcome To Ranchero Village Circle Club
1900 So. Bridge Ave.  Weslaco, TX 78596

MEMBERS PRESENT: President, Norm Mayer, Vice President, Bob Derr, Treasurer, Wayne Browne, Secretary,
Margot Maruska and Member-at Large, Keith Hepler. DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS- Nathan Ochsenfeld advised
residents to be careful when drinking coffee during VCC meeting to avoid spills and prevent falls. Nathan apologized
for problems with swimming pool. Verified that speed limit in the park is 15 miles per hour and this will be addressed
in the Vista. Reminded residents to place stickers on their vehicles and to call 911 when anyone sees suspicious
activity. Nathan informed residents that hot tub was not working because someone had turned the switch off.

SYNOPSIS OF MINUTES FROM 11-12-2018-was read by
secretary and approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT-given by Wayne Browne. Beginning bank balance is 16,869 dollars less reserve of 1000
dollars and a spendable balance of 11,052.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT-Norm Mayer mentioned the possibility of free coffee, changes to our Bylaws and finding a
nominating committee to find candidates for 2019-2020 VCC officers.

PARK MANAGER-Eloy Galvan informed the residents that the pickle ball court would be resurfaced and painted
this week, weather permitting.

COMMITTEE REPORTS-Various committee chairpersons or their representative gave their reports.

WAYNE BROWNE-informed residents that park management paid for 400 pounds of turkey for Thanksgiving

OLD BUSINESS-Jan Murphy made a motion to approve to pay park management 705 dollars for movie license fee
and Trucia Howard seconded it. Residents in favor.

NORM MAYER- Informed residents of the 804 dollars that was used for refrigerator repair in the summer and
residents approved after Barbara Ostermaier made a motion and Linda Smith seconded it.

NEW BUSINESS-Jan Murphy spoke about her husband, John, wanting to start a mobile railroad club. There was
some discussion and Linda Smith stated she was willing to donate her late husband’s railroad equipment to the club.
George Vaughn made a motion to start the railroad club and Kerry Stuart seconded it and all in favor.

ANASTACIO GODINA-made a motion to recover 2 pool tables and purchase plastic covers but he was advised it
needed to be brought to the board first since each pool table cost over 400 dollars to recover. Norm Mayer
informed us that buying 6 covers for pool tables would cost less than 350 dollars and would be addressed at next

NORM MAYER-stated a committee to nominate new officers for the VCC club and a committee to revise the Bylaws
would be formed.

PATTI GREBIN- thanked the ladies for decorating the Christmas tree in the large hall.

MR. LUND, resident spoke to members regarding starting a remote control car club. There was discussion and
it was suggested that those interested would set a date and time
and have a demonstration for the residents.

Barbara Ostermaier made a motion to end the meeting and Kerry Stuart seconded it. Meeting ended at 1015 am.

VCC secretary, Margot Maruska