Welcome To Ranchero Village Circle Club
1900 So. Bridge Ave.  Weslaco, TX 78596


Members present: Norm Mayer, President, Vice President, Bob Derr, Treasurer, Wayne Browne, Secretary, Margot
Maruska and Delegate-at- Large, Keith Hepler

Norm Mayer opened the meeting at 9am and Director of Operations, Nathan Ochsenfeld, spoke to residents and
afterwards the park owner, Walter Piper spoke to the residents and encouraged them to promote our park with their

A synopsis of the minutes for 11-26-2018 was read and approved,

Treasurer’s report given by Wayne Browne. Beginning balance is 12,052 dollars with a reserve of 1,000 and
spendable balance of 11, 991 dollars. The treasurer gave a detailed annual report for 2018.
President’s Report: Norm Mayer informed members that the by-law committee and nominating committee were in
place and that the recovery of 2 pool tables were on hold for now.

Doug Marth stated that our park was a fantastic park with friendly people. He emphasized the importance of having
residents volunteer so that the park activities will continue and to relieve those volunteers who have been helping for
some time. Cleta Hepler informed us to make everyone welcome when they want to volunteer to help and not tell them
that their help is not needed.

Chairpersons or their representative gave their reports. The new by-law committee lead by Audrey Kellar and the
new nominating committee lead by Jim Lindquist both introduced the members of each committee and the function
of the committee.
Old business: none

New business: Judy Cote asked if the fragrances could be removed in the RV hall and RV laundry and the
president told her he would speak to park management.

Afterwards there was a discussion about the need for baffles in the ceramic studio but no decision was reached.
The president informed us the next meeting will be on January 14, 2019 and he told the residents to cut their boxes
before disposing them in the dumpsters and to turn in the aluminum cans to Cans for Kids versus throwing them in
the dumpsters.
Meeting ended at 1015am after Vickie Roop made a motion and Linda Smith seconded it.


Margot Maruska