Welcome To Ranchero Village Circle Club
1900 So. Bridge Ave.  Weslaco, TX 78596

MEMBERS PRESENTS: President, Norm Mayer, Vice President Bob Derr, Treasurer, Wayne Browne, Delegate-
at Large, Keith Hepler, Secretary, Margot Maruska

Meeting was called to order at 9am by president and park managers, Eloy and Diana Galvan, thanked the residents for
the prayers and support during Eloy’s procedure. A resident asked Eloy if the pot holes in the park would be fixed
and he informed her that tomorrow the work will start to fix the pot holes.

Minutes: Synopsis of meeting held on 1-14-2019 was read by Margot Maruska and approved by residents.

Treasurer’s Report given by Wayne Browne. Beginning balance is 12,623 less a reserve of 500 dollars leaves a
spendable balance of 13,547 dollars.

President’s Report: Norm Mayer explained the procedure regarding the amended by-laws and requested
Audrey Keller to read the amended by-laws of the constitution. Afterwards the president, stated the
residents would have 2 weeks to review the by-laws before the vote on February 11, 2019. The amended
by-laws would be posted in 3-4 days and would also be placed on the Ranchero Village website. Norm
Mayer informed the residents they could also ask a board member for a copy. The president informed the
members there will be no committee reports on 2-11-2019 due to the vote on the amended by-laws.

Norm Mayer asked for committee reports and informed the committee chairpersons to limit their reports to 2
minutes. Various committee chairpersons gave their reports.

Old Business: Terry Fisher asked if the park owner, Walter Piper had been asked about covering half the cost of the
new refrigerator the VCC purchased and the president stated no. He assured her he would address her concern. Terry
Fisher also stated if the president could look into a new ice cream machine and he stated he would.

New Business: None.

The president stated the by-laws will be posted and notified residents the money machine from Texas Regional Bank
will be available after the meeting.

Barbara Ostermaier made a motion to end the meeting and Sue Borys seconded it. Meeting ended at 945 am

VCC Secretary, Margot Maruska