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Ranchero Village Vista
February 2019


Doors open 1 hour before show. For info contact Kerry, 269-599-6845
Sat.,    Feb.   9 3:00pm $8.00pp Kainoa Kamaka
Sun.,   Feb. 17 2:00pm $5.00pp Sweet Adelines
Wed., Feb.  20 7:00pm $8.00pp Rusty Rierson
Afternoon Dances
The following dances start at 3:00pm, on Fridays, and are Pass the Hat, unless noted otherwise.
Ice, pop and popcorn available. For info contact:  Judy, 815-262-1590

Sunday, Feb 3 FREE Big Band Dance, with The Texas Ramblers

Feb 15 3:00pm socks Nathan's Annual Sock Hop        Diego
In lieu of a ticket charge, please bring a package of socks or underwear.
Pop, popcorn, hot dogs, chips & cheese will be available for purchase.
Join Nathan, Ranchero Village, and Diego to give the children of Margo School socks and
underwear for the whole year. For Info, contact:  Judy, 815-262-1590

Mar.  8 Pass the Hat The Castaways
Mar. 15 Pass the Hat Diego & Edith

Evening Dances
The following dances start at 7:00pm, on Fridays, unless noted otherwiseIce, pop and popcorn available.
For tickets and info contact:  Vicky at 219-363-5330,  unless noted otherwise.

Feb. 1 7:00pm $10.00pp Shriners Charity Dance, with Jack Nelson and the County Line Band
For info contactMargo Graham, 956-351-5673
Ken Nelson, 313-969-6455
Feb. 8 7:00pm $10 pp The Agency      Door prizes

Feb. 22 7:00 pm $7.50pp Mardi Gras Theme Dance, with Pelican West
Reserve seating available with advance purchase

Mar.  1 7:00pm $10 pp Ralph and The Cruisers           Door prizes
Reserve seating available with advance purchase

We know you look forward to seeing these entertainers, and we are happy to see so many of you attending, including the “social hour” dances we have
booked for Friday afternoons.  Remember, there is no admission charge for the afternoon dances, although we do pass the hat to show our
appreciation.  Even if you do not dance, it is a great opportunity to enjoy the music and be entertained for a couple of hours, so be sure to show these
folks we do want them to come back to our park next year.  See you at the large hall in 2019!

In-Park Blood Drive
Sat., Feb. 2 8:30am to 12:30 Large Hall
Please see the posters and the sign-up sheet in the Small Hall by the phone.   Please join us.
For questions, contact: Kerry, #211, 269-599-6845

Osprey Cruises
Mon., Feb. 11 after VCC meeting Small Hall They will answer questions and book any of their Island Cruises.
For questions, contact: Kerry, #211, 269-599-6845

Photo Shoots for Picture Directory
Mon., Feb. 11  &  Tue.,  Feb. 12 Absolute LAST CHANCE  to have your photo included in the directory.
Lifetouch, the company that is working with us to create our new directory, added two final days of photo shoots.  Book your appointment today. Call or
stop by.
Kim Hollingshead,  331 Matador Way,  kimwaynehollingshead@gmail.com,  519-803-1287
In order for the directory to be a success we need you to participate and show up for your photo session.  Of course, should you be sick, we totally
understand.  If you are aware of any residents that are unable to join us at Ranchero Village this season and would like to be included in the directory,
please ask them to contact me.  The directory is going to include photos of the fun activities we do here at Ranchero Village.  Could you please take a
few photos when participating and forward them to me.  You can email digital files or I can take a picture of the photo. Thanks for all your help.

Craft Days in the Activity Room
Wed., Feb. 13 Step by Step Painting  (sign-up)
Wed., Feb. 20 Thread Art on a card  (hearts)
Wed., Mar.   6 Bead People  (more info later)
Wed., Mar. 13 Potato Jewelry  (Barbara Ostermaier)
All Craft Days are in the Activity Room, on Wednesday afternoons, from 1:00 to 3:00.
Wanted:  Crafters to volunteer  to teach or facilitate a craft in the Activity Room on Wednesdays
For info contact:  Mary Clark, 956-373-9901

Ranchero Village Christian Women's Gathering
Sat., Feb. 16 9:00am to 1:00 $15 Large Hall Christian Ladies Conference
There will be a continental breakfast, and the conference will end at 1:00 with lunch.  Linda Smith will be leading music and the guest speaker will be
Leila Preuss.  She will speak on "Women of the Bible" and then share about Caring Hearts Ministry, a ministry she and her husband Fred conduct, 
taking food to colonias here in the Valley.  Come and enjoy a great time of singing, prayer, fellowship and praising God.  Advance reservations are
requested to plan for the food. 
Deadline for reservations is February 13 and there will be a sign up sheet on the church bulletin board.
For more information contact: Barbara Ostermaier at Lot 17 or call (580)747-3645.

Minnesota  Driving Class
Wed., Feb. 20 For Minnesota residents only.  See sign-up sheet for details.

Minnesota  Day
Sat., Feb. 23 12:00 noon $8 pp Large Hall "Into the Forest"
Brisket Lunch with dinnerware, lemonade & coffee provided.  There will be a 50/50 drawing and prizes.  Sign up after Village Circle meetings.  Deadline
to sign up is Monday, Feb. 18th.   We are needing volunteers.
Please contact:  Terry or Margot Maruska, #269, 651-788-6338 or 956-472-5760

Craft & Vendor Sale
Wed., Feb. 27 8:00am to noon Large Hall Cinnamon rolls & sticky buns at 8:00 - $1.50
Lunch 11:30 $5.00 Small Hall Homemade noodles & chicken, fruit salad, mashed potatoes
& green beans for $5.00.

I'm sorry there were no cinnamon rolls at our last craft sale at 8AM. Next time they will be there!
Be sure to come out & see the 30+ sellers and all they have for sale. We will have an hourly drawing starting at 8:30am. Tickets will be given for
drawings with every purchase made at this Craft Sale. Must be present to win.
To reserve a space with a table contact:  Char Holub, #397, 941-830-4227
Thu., Feb. 28 2:00pm Presentation of the coverage they offer, followed by Gourmet Ice Cream.
The sign-up sheet will be posted shortly in the small Hall on the north wall.
For questions please contact Kerry, #211, 269-599-6845 
Eagle Pass Trip
Thu., Feb. 28 to Fri., Mar. 1st 2 day trip $79pp double occupancy, $125 single, $40 back in play
52 seats available.   Sign-up in small hall.  Bus picks up and delivers in park.  Leaves in front of clubhouse on Thursday Feb 28th at
7:00am.  Leaves casino Friday, March 1st at 4:00pm.
For more info contact  Marlynda Roiger, 701-730-0990
Parkwide Patio Sale
Sat., Mar. 2 7 to 11am Spring sale
Put your things out Friday to get those early sales. For info contact:  Kerry, 211 Siesta Way  269-599-6845
Yoga Guest Instructor
Mon., Mar. 4 11:00am Large Hall
Kim Adair's Yoga class will feature guest instructor Peggy Kellems.  Everyone is welcome to participate in the yoga class, or just come and quietly
Mon.,  Mar. 4th 4:30pm to 6:30 Peggy Kellems has also offered to speak to us on a subject near and dear
to us all.  FITNESS!
Good S.E.N.S.E.  Five biblical keys to healthy living.      S. - Stress management
E. - Exercise
N. - Nutrition
S. - Sleep
E. - Every day
Everyone is welcome to listen in on Peggy's informal talk. For more info contact:  Kim Adair, 956-821-2159

Shufflers Annual Meeting and Pot Luck Finger Food Luncheon
Thur., Mar. 7 noon Large Hall All Ranchero residents are welcome.

Four I's Gathering
Sat., Mar. 9
Are you from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, or Idaho?  If so, mark your calendars and plan to join us for our Four I's Gathering.  It will be a pleasant  time of
visiting and getting to know our "I" neighbors.  More information will follow in the March Vista.

Mondays & Fridays 12:30pm Small hall Contract Bridge, no partner needed
Note to bridge players:  A schedule change.  All Monday and Friday sessions will begin at 12:30.
Wednesdays 7:00pm Game Room Partner bridge
Do you want to learn to play bridge??  Plans are being made to offer lessons next season (beginning in January 2020).   If you have played bridge in the
past but would like  a refresher course, there is a possibility for this too.  A sign-up sheet will be on the "Cards" bulletin board in the small hall for either
class.  Signing up does not mean you are committed  to take lessons.  We just need to know a possible class size.
For info contact:  Jan Fitzpatrick, 608-433-1474
Golf  Tee
Welcome all Ranchero Village golfers.  There are several leagues out of Ranchero Village. Tierra Santa Golf Course (9 holes Tuesday and Friday), Tony
Butler Golf Course (18 holes), Tierra Santa Golf Course (18 holes) and the Executive Golf Course (par 3, 9 holes).  Also Henry Malchuk  (210-338-9569)
goes to different golf courses in the Valley on Mondays.  Info and sign-up sheets for the Leagues can be found in the small hall on the south wall.  All
golfers or want-a-be golfers are welcome.

In-park Jam
Mondays 3:00pm to 4:30 Large hall
Everyone is welcome to sing along, play an instrument, harmonize, sing a solo, or just listen.  This is our Ranchero Village informal in-park jam and it
sounds fantastic.  Please come and enjoy.
For more info contact:  Kim Adair, 956-821-2159
Tuesdays 7:00pm to 9:00 Large hall
Karaoke will be on Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 for the winter season.  We hope you will come and enjoy the music whether you sing, listen, or
dance.  There is NO charge.  See you there.
For more info contact:  Rick & Dorothy Schultz, #206, 956-246-3399

Low Impact Aerobics
Tuesdays 10:00am and Thursdays 9:30 Large Hall 45-50 minutes of exercise
Stretch, strength building and light workout.  Men and women are welcome.  Bring along a small weight for arm exercises.

Wednesdays 9:00 am to 12:00 Game Room      If that's too early, come at 10:00!
Thursdays 7:00 pm to  9:00 "
Saturdays 1:00 pm to  3:00 "
Our group welcomes you to play this Chinese tile game that has characteristics of dominoes and rummy. We are very willing to teach anyone new to
the game. For more info call  Donna Wyatt at 956-520-8500

Pegs & Jokers
Thursdays 6:30pm Game Room For info contact:  Mary Clark, 956-373-9901

Wednesdays and Saturdays 1:00pm Pool Room Ladies Pool Contact:  Dee Allen, 720-388-2681
Wednesdays 6:00pm Pool Room Couples Pool Contact:  Tacho Godina, 956-357-5529

Tuesdays 1:00pm to 3:00 Activity Room
Quilters get together, and share ideas plus learn new techniques from each other. Come and join us if you are a quilter or want to be a quilter.
Thursdays 9:00am Activity Room Charity Quilting
Come and join them to help a good cause. Even if you can’t sew, they need people to iron or tie.

Sunday Night Movies 7:00pm Large Hall
Soda and water are available to purchase, and popcorn is available with a donation.  (Thank you to our popcorn making experts).  If you wish, you may
make a small monetary donation for needs of the children at Margo School.  Thank you.
Movie schedule:   
Feb. 10 Skyscraper, with Dwayne Johnson
Feb. 24 Wonder,       with Julia Roberts

Yoga Classes
Mondays 11:00am to noon Large Hall Bring your own mat and strap.
Fridays    10:00am to 11:00         " For more info contact:  Kim Adair, 956-821-2159

.From the KITCHEN

Annual Shuffle Board Tournament Lunches
Tue., Feb 12 thru Thu., Feb 14 11:00 to 12:30 Lunches will be $5, and include coffee or tea.  There will also be
Hot Dogs, Chili Dogs, Chips, Sandwiches, Soup, and, of course,
some great Pies for purchase.
Please join us.  Kitchen Coordinator:  Jan Murphy, #132, 616-443-6728

Hamburger Nights
Sat., Feb. 2 4:00 Large Hall Pre-hamburg entertainment: Judy Moore.  Please join us.

Sat., Feb. 2 5:00 $5.00pp Large Hall Ticket box in small hall.  Bring your own service.

Sat., Feb.14 5:00 $5.00pp Large Hall Ticket box in small hall.  Bring your own service.
Ice Cream
Whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, we’ll have Ice Cream!
Sun. Feb. 10 2:30 to 4:00pm Large Hall $1 Cone or Dish (Chocolate or Vanilla)
Sun, Feb. 24 2:30 to 4:00pm Large Hall $2 Sundae or $1 Cone (Vanilla only)

Our ‘ice cream” is really a low-fat, lactose-free soft serve mix which tastes GREAT but better fits many of our diet restrictions and needs. No matter what
the groundhog says we’ll be in the mood for a frosty treat.  We appreciate how patient everyone has been when our machine gets ornery and there are
delays.  Thank you for your interest in enjoying the best soft serve available in the valley!
Douglas Marth/Mike Donais, #105, 763-263-2282

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy Breakfast

Sat., Feb 9 7:30 to 9:30   $4.00  Small Hall. Advance tickets go on sale Sun., Feb. 3

Two Southern Style biscuits smothered in White Sausage Gravy. Includes Applesauce and Orange Juice.  Please preregister to help us plan how much is
needed.  A limited amount of extras will also be available for sale to those who develop a last-minute appetite and are willing to risk missing out by not
paying in advance.  Don’t miss out!

From the Women's Club

Usually 1st and 3rd  Mondays, 9:00am, in the Large Hall.  Any other changes will be announced and/or posted.

50th Anniversary was spectacular.  Couples were handsome, beautiful, and happy.  The group leaders outdid themselves this year.  Food was great,
decorations and corsages were awesome, Mary Clark and her group did a fine job.  My sincere thanks and gratitude to you all for a job well done.  We were
very fortunate to have had a pro taking pictures for us this year and they turned out beautifully.  Thank you Roberta Coghill.

Mon., Feb.,  4 9:00am to 9:30 meeting,      9:30 Speaker from the Pet Rescue Center Large Hall
Mon., Feb. 18 9:00am to 9:30 meeting,      9:30 Gene & Betty Clifton speaking on their journeys Large Hall
Wed., Feb. 20 1:00pm $8.00pp Chocolate Factory of Hidalgo tour
We can meet at the hall and decide rides from there.  If you are willing to drive, please let me know and how many you can seat.
Thank you, from the Board of the Women's Club.
Patti Grebin, 507-272-1884,    Ellie Small, 313-515-0063,     Margot Maruska, 956-472-5760

From the Shufflers

The Ranchero Village Shuffleboard Group looks forward to a busy February and March. 

Ranchero Village Shuffleboard Tournament will be held Feb 12 to 14.  (Tue-Thur).  Come down to the shuffleboard courts and watch some great shooting by
players from around the Rio Grande Valley.  Have a delicious lunch at the Large Hall hosted by Jan Murphy and her friends.

Battle of the Sexes will be held on Sunday, Feb 10 at 2:00.  All Ranchero Residents Welcome.  The men will be looking for revenge after their loss to the
ladies at the last battle.  Happy Hour to follow.

The Ranchero In-the-Park Tournament will be held Feb 24 & 25. (Sun & Mon).  Open only to shufflers from Ranchero Village. Watch for sign-up sheets in
the shack.

Ranchero Shuffle Group will be hosting the Rio Grande Valley Non Trophy Winners tournament for the first time on Mar. 5 & 6 (Tue & Wed).  Watch for sign-
up sheet in shack.  Only shufflers who have never won a trophy can take part.  All are welcome.

The Annual Meeting and Pot Luck Finger Food Luncheon will be held on Thur. Mar 7 in the Large Hall at noon.  All Ranchero residents are welcome.

Check out the EVSA Tournament being played every Sat throughout Feb. and into Mar. at Ranchero Village.  Sign up at noon.  All are welcome.

The Shuffleboard Group encourages all Ranchero Residents to come out and have some fun shuffling.  If you have never played the game before come out to
the shuffle courts on Sat. mornings at 9:00 and get some lessons on how to play the game.  Instructors Ann Dehaven, Dee Allen, Denny Overstreet and
Murray Baxter will guide you through the basics of how to play the game.

Mondays at 2:00 we play Hoss Collar, a fun game for all.  Be part of a team, bring $1.00 and have some fun.  Thursdays at 9:00am, Saturdays at 10:00am
and Sundays at 2:00 are regular shuffle.  Friday at 9:00am is Friendly Shuffle.  Sign up in the shack and play a friendly game against players from a
neighboring park.

The shuffleboard courts are open every day for use by all Ranchero residents unless a tournament is being hosted.  Try shuffling in the evening on our
lighted courts.  Join us at the shuffle courts and have some fun.

From the Office

We are looking forward to repairing some areas of the streets in the park  . We should be able to fill in all the pot holes the first week of February.
As always we will continue to keep the park beautiful and safe.

2019 has started out strong with 6 homes sold since January 1. We have a weekly add running for open houses in park owned homes. If you have your
home listed with us, and would like to participate in that, contact the office and we will provide you with an open house sign. If you are considering listing
your home, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you with that. Thank you for placing your trust in Ranchero Sales.
From Diana, our Manager
Safety!  Safety!  Safety!

I am happy to say we are at mid-season and we finally have most of our family together again.  With that said we need to continue with all the safety
measures we have in place .
Carry a bright flashlight or wrist flasher with you if you are out walking at dawn, dusk, and throughout the night. (We have some wrist flashers
available for sale with Duracell batteries and assembled at the office for sale.)
Be sure your golf cart lights are on.
Be mindful of the 15 m.p.h. speed limit.
Report suspicious vehicles to management and try to get the license plate number.   (It’s best not to stop or approach an unknown vehicle-call
911 for an emergency.)
Do not open the door to solicitors . If they are persistent and do not leave alert a member of management. If possible try and get the vehicle
license plate number. (If merited call 911)
Lock all your vehicles and bikes up. We do not want to invite any trouble.
Be careful when exiting onto the intersection of Eastern Wall Street and Carefree Loop or when entering through Carefree Loop from that
intersection as well.

I would like to thank everyone for helping us keep our home safe . We couldn’t do it without your help . It’s true it does take a village, Ranchero Village
Other Notices
50th Anniversary Committee
A big thank you to all the ladies who volunteered to buy and make decorations for the 50th Anniversary Party, the food table, cake table, corsages and
arch.  Too many to mention, you know who you are.  It was a joy to work with all of you.  Mary Clark

We need your help in recycling aluminum cans for the Cans-For-Kids program.  The money is used to purchase jackets, shirts, jeans underwear and
socks for sixty school children.  The Cans-for-Kids building has been moved to a cement slab a little north of the previous location.  Since the middle of
December, a total of 330 pounds of crushed cans have been sold.
Please remember only aluminum soda cans, lemonade/tea cans and beer cans, all other trash in the large bins.
Thank you for your donation of cans. Cleta Hepler Lot# 41

Winners -- Way to Go !!
Rio Grande Wood Carvers Show
Gary Smith in Animal Caricature 1st for Grizzly Bear, 1st for Easter Rabbit
in Human Caricature 2nd for Fly Fisherman

Garry Haggerty in Woodburning with Carving 2nd for Three Elk
in Stylized 2nd for Mother & Child
in Woodburning 2nd for Cowboy
in Shallow Relief 3rd for Autumn Leaves
in Miscellaneous 3rd for Three Penguins

Gene Vener in Flower 1st for Iris

Sharlyn Hurst in Flower 1st for Columbine

McAllen Senior Olympics
Lew Grebin and  Roger Altes      3rd in Bean Bag
Congrats to all!